D-Clock - California Sunshine


D-Clock is a collaboration between DJ Miko and musician Roy Sela. This combination of a seasoned DJ and a rock musician has made the D-Clock project a highly mature, polished release, bearing new elements, motifs, and atmosphere.

After 17 years of work, creation and Live shows together ,on and off , Miko gindos & Roy sela have decided to go under one name one entity of CALIFORNIA SUNSHINE , a refind california Sunshine, we cheer for new horizons sunsets and Sunrises

The album includes a Trance side packed with epic beauties on one hand, and chill, floating ambient tracks on the other. D-Clock have gone a step further, pushing boundaries and limitations, and creating a set of mind-blowing tracks with a solid seal and stamp of originality.

Aside from producing solid, innovative dance floor sounds, what really places D-Clock in a league of its own is its unprecedented live act show, live on stage, emitting vast amounts of energy.

New D-Clock Album will be released in 2021.