About - California Sunshine


Legendary DJ Miko, a fixture of the Trance scene since its early days in 1989, playing marathon 12-hour sessions at underground Goa parties, attracting travelers worldwide. DJ Miko introduced Trance parties into Japan featuring the Trance movement as an alternative way of life, a happier way of living—outside the system and free. DJ Miko is the man behind a huge number of Trance events around the world, a pioneer of the local Israeli and international scene known for his groundbreaking projects California Sunshine and X-Wave.

California Sunshine created in 1995 by DJ Miko and Har’el Prussky produced the single “The Summer of 89”, aka “The Dolphin Track” which was released on their self-titled album and became a worldwide hit at underground trance parties and was remixed by Paul Oakenfeld. The “California Sunshine” CD sold more than 50,000 albums worldwide including over 100,000 copies in Israel. Even though the CD was released over 15 years ago, it is still being bought due to its special energy that keeps it selling to this day. California Sunshine was prolific, releasing the CDs “Imperia”, “Nasha”, “Flying Eye Land”, and “Wonderland”. Tracks from all California Sunshine CDs have come out in many compilations around the globe.

In 2019 California sunshine released two albums “Immortality” and “Revamp” celebrating 30 years of Trance. The unique sound of California Sunshine has been preserved over the years, but also developed with time, putting their trademark twist on contemporary music. Their greatest joy is in watching their fans react to their music, dancing to their classics and new tracks and seeing new fans discover the sound of Goa for the first time.